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City of Kremenchuk has deep cultural roots and, as a consequence, significant contemporary creativity. Thanks to the high level of artistic life in the VIII-XIX, Kremenchuk gave to the world many artists and cultural figures. Natives of Kremenchuk is also world-famous Hollywood composer Dimitri Tiomkin, winner of four Oscars. Dimitri Tiomkin combined his talent and music of many countries, among them: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, UK and USA.

TIOMKIN DAYS IN KREMENCHUK intended to combine creativity of artists of Ukraine and the world on the historic home of composer Dimitri Tiomkin for communication and finding artistic inspiration for new Oscar-winning performances.

Project Objectives:

1. Organization and promotion of cultural and artistic activities of regional and international levels;

2. Stimulate the development of local creative initiatives (creative competitions, performances, outdoor attractions, flashmob, etc.)

3. Promotion of local history, development of resources of the action and cultural tourism;

4. Activation of souvenir production and presentation of character.

traditionally conducted in Kremenchuk in spring in Europe Days in Ukraine

2011: The Project "Tiomkin Days-2011 - the days of European culture in Kremenchuk":

Performance "Paints of biography maestro" with participation of artists of Kremenchuk.

The concert ensembles of Kremenchug.

2012: The Project "Steps world geniuses of Kremenchuk":

Study: Fancy a personality in the history of Kremenchuk

Public poll: Image Kremenchuk

Open space: Natives of Kremenchuk known in Europe and the world

Quest Presentation tourist route of Kremenchuk "Steps world geniuses"

The Project :Jazz festival named Dimitri Tiomkin

Competition of young pianist-improviser named Dimitri Tiomkin

2013: "Kremenchuk is the city of the first music conservatory in Russian Empire":

17-20 April 2013:

Competition of young pianist-improviser named Dimitri Tiomkin

Jazz festival named Dimitri Tiomkin

16-19 May 2013:

Tour Kremenchuk "Steps world geniuses" for international travelers "TIOMKIN DAYS IN KREMENCHUK" The premiere of art poem of memory of Dimitri Tiomkin and presentation copyright of projects electronic-acoustic music by composer Sergey Gorunovich

Roundtable: "The contribution of immigrants from Poltava to world music theater and parallel cinema"

Vernissage of Art featuring artists from all over Ukraine

Open Regional Festival of instrumental music "Tiomkin days in Kremenchuk" with Poltava Symphony Orchestra.


Created under the "2011 Tomkinski days - the days of European culture in Kremenchuk", sold NGO Foundation for Community Development of Kremenchuk supported by the European Program of the International Renaissance Foundation. Opinions covered on this site do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the European Program of the International Renaissance Foundation.